Breathing Problem Causes Cat To Snore Loudly

Snoring in kids could mean other problems, doctors say

When she sleeps, it’s worse. The 4-year-old rescue cat made a visit to Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Sandy Springs to see if they could help. “Cats, they don’t like to breathe through their mouth, and they really rely on their sense of smell to encourage them to eat,” said Dr. Nicholas Berryesse. “So if they can’t breathe through their nose very well, it can affect their quality of life.” Boo is physically healthy, but a series of upper respiratory infections has caused scar tissue to build up in the back of her nose. “She has trouble sleeping. She’s not eating as well,” said Berryesse. Berryesse, a GVS veterinarian, thinks he can fix Boo’s breathing problems.
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In fact, he has been the sickest of our 3 boys by far. We have a 7yr old, and the one I am referring to is almost 5, the other one is 3. The older and younger boys have been hospitalized once each. Our middle son (the breastfeeder) has been hospitalized 11 times. Also, our other 2 both nursed less than 3 months, and they were on formula at 4 months old by their choice, not ours.
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Singing can help reduce snoring

Researchers say that, for best results, singing exercises should be teamed with lifestyle changes such as losing weight. According to Snore Australia, most people will snore at some time but chronic or loud snoring is often associated with sleep-related breathing disorders. It says other common causes of snoring include: Allergies Eating too much at night Nasal congestion Consumption of alcohol close to bedtime, especially if the amount is large Being overweight or obese Swelling of the muscular part of the roof of the mouth Swollen adenoids or tonsils, especially in children Medications, including sleeping tablets Sleep position – sleeping on your back may cause your throat muscles and tongue to relax If you are a snorer, there are several devices you can try to reduce your snoring. These include adhesive devices that cover the nostrils and nasal steroids and allergy treatments. But you should also see your GP to discuss the problem.
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