Health Policy:Never Thought of It!

Above stated sequel of chaos resulted due to the mental slavery we breed in ourselves. We once used to be a superpower because we followed the policy outlined by unimagined infinite intelligentsia-Allah. In my proposition, we require to free ourselves from international political clutches by educating and reviving ourselves on the basic question: Which form of guidance do we require? Man-made or Allah? Allahs guidance i.e Islam is the everlasting light to our worldly problems and all we got to do is using our best ability to purse the given solutions within it.
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Say Hi To Oscar: The New Kid That May Change Health Insurance

I think hed rather give you his liver than do that, Norquist said of the chances Obama would agree to the defunding push. So I dont think thats an option. While some Republicans led by Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah are attempting to shut down the government if Congress doesnt stop financing the Affordable Care Act, the real battle is about stalling its implementation, Norquist said. The Obama administration already has delayed a requirement that some employer-provided health insurance plans cap employees out-of-pocket costs, and a mandate that larger companies offer health insurance. Federal regulators also put off the annual limit on costs that patients must pay above what their insurance covers.
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Norquist Says Obama to Take Health Delays, Avoid Shutdown

Schlosser, who at the time was already working with Kushner and Nazemi on Oscar, explained that Oscar is designed specifically not to have such Byzantine rules. Telemedicine: The doctor will see you now When describing key functions of their new company, Nazemi and Schlosser emphasize that telemedicine will be the method by which many of their objectives are accomplished. Although telemedicine has been around for a while, it has not been wildly popular with patients to date. Oscar hopes to change that feeling with new incentives, 24-hour online services and a sleek design. The founders of Oscar claim that consumers will have access to a doctor by phone within 20 minutes of a request, with no co-pay . Perhaps the concept is not revolutionary, but if it works, the behavioral changes associated with seeking care could be seismic. Currently, not many patients log onto insurance carrier webpages before seeing a doctor, unless they are seeing if the doctor is in-network . Oscar, however, wants patients to start their care with the insurer, not just use it for payment submission.
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